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By: Amber G.
Location: Sabin

There are three trees together. The center one is the tallest and largest around. We've been told by arborists that they are Sugar Pines. They are magnificent. The bark is a greyish brown, the needles are a blueish green. long pine cones form. green...
By: Sabina S.
Location: Hayhurst

I’ll never forget house hunting in late July. I was just driving around looking for open houses. It was blistering hot but the house I found was 15 degrees cooler because of the shade from these big oaks. I bought the house for many reason but an...
By: Holly Marie Q.
Location: Sabin

Earl Harold Winne 4316 NE 21st Ave. The Tree out in front of my home ,was planted September 21,1965. It is a non-flowering Tulip Tree. My father planted it on my birthday and the day that I went into the US NAVY. When I got home from the service, it...