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By: Emily J.
Location: North_tabor

This ponderosa pine was planted in the early 1960's by Carroll Dubuar. He received it as a sapling. His daughters can remember jumping over the tree when it was still small.
By: Marilyn K.
Location: North_tabor

This Beech tree was already a giant when I was a child. My great grandparents planted it in the early part of the last century. They lived in a grand house on the property. The estate was called Green Gables and occupied most of the city block. The h...
By: Kevin C.
Location: North_tabor

This is a great tree, the biggest of the "grove" of about 10 doug firs in a couple of houses. This and the other provide wonderful shade to our backyard, according to canopy analytics it measures 118 feet tall and sits between two properties. When...