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By: Cris W.

This Scotch pine tree was one of those tiny saplings you get in a pot at Christmastime. It was with my mother when she died. We care for that tree through ten years and four or five moves before it arrived at its final home in our yard. We call it "M...
By: Canopy S.
Location: Buckman

Joseph Lane Bigleaf Maple Podcast by Joshua Justice. The Joseph Lane Bigleaf Maple is number 295 in Portland's Heritage Tree Program. To locate it, enter the Lone Fir Cemetery from SE Morrison street, take the second left, and after a short walk,...
By: Canopy S.
Location: Piedmont

Silver Linden Podcast, hosted by Rebekah Averette and researched by Taylor Rose. A mature silver linden is a dazzling tree with a rare personality. The only one on the Portland Heritage Tree list is on the SW corner of N Haight St and N Rosa Park...
By: Rebecca M.
Location: Montavilla

This giant tree shades my home and many of the other homes around us. We have sweetly named her "Big Bertha". I love walking up to my door every day and craning my neck up to look at the very tippy top of her. Such a beautiful tree.
By: Canopy S.

This tree is where the neighborhood cat lounges and it provides shade and cover from the rain for neighbors at the secret path between Elephants sell and 22nd place.
By: Travis H.

This tree is a weeping willow tree. Because of its central location and the fact that there are not any other trees around it, it served as a great meeting spot for me and my friends when we were teenagers. We would usually meet there as we were eith...
By: Canopy S.
Location: Mt Tabor

This big Douglas fir has always been my favorite Portland tree, since I first measured it a decade ago, determining it to be the largest (and maybe the oldest) Douglas fir in the park, and one of the city's largest. It stands on a steep SW-facing slo...
By: Jenni D.

I always pat this tree as I run by. :)
By: Jenni D.

I always pat this tree as I run by. :)
By: Jenni D.

I sat with my back on this tree for a few minutes in the middle of a 10-mile run on a hot day. I appreciated its shade and the back support! :)
By: Jenni D.
Location: Multnomah

I enjoy walking and running under this tree and its smaller neighbors. They provide welcome shade on an otherwise sunny and exposed path.
By: Abigail R.
Location: Buckman

This tree sits right outside my bedroom window. I love when the sun sets and the light glistens through the trees into my bedroom. A branch of this tree sticks out into the road a bit, and I carelessly knocked my passenger side mirror off. I blame my...
By: Joan P.
Location: Downtown

The copper beech (Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea) tree in front of Portland State University Library was planted around 1890. This tree even has its own urban legend: PSU students tell a story that originally the tree was going to be removed for a libra...
By: Cynthia G.

I live in the woods of Copperfield Condominiums, near SE 138th and Clinton St. The 110 units were built about 1973 as well as many trees planted and they have grown well. Everywhere I walk, I am under a canopy of trees. It was the reason I bought a...
By: Carolee H.
Location: Downtown

This tree and its mates lining the east side of SW Broadway at Harrison were planted in the early 1980s with the completion of the first phase of the Professional Schools Building, now renovated as the Karl Miller Center. Their predecessors, shown in...
By: Jeff R.
Location: Eliot

The roots of this and the two other cottonwoods were cut in 2015, about 5 feet away from the base of the trees. Glad they survived getting half of their root mass severed, afraid they'll fall, since there's nothing holding them up on their west side.
By: Vicki B.
Location: South Tabor

The property where this tree is located was owned by my family from the time it was built in the 1920s until my mother sold it in 1964. As a child, in the 1950s, I loved to play in the backyard under that tree, making mud pies and just digging. One...
By: Jack M.

In the courtyard of Holladay Park Plaza, our retirement home, stands a magnificent London Plane Tree. It is over 100 years old, and first sat behind a beautiful old home on Wasco Street, which was removed to build our structure. We have always ca...
By: Stephen F.
Location: Overlook

This lovely tree has been the centerpiece of a view to the West Hills for decades. It has been a rookery for red tail hawks and peregrine falcons. It has sheltered deer and coyote, porcupine and other small animals. It has been viewed and hugged b...
By: Kelly M.
Location: Woodstock

Sitting here are two gorgeous cedars (Red or Western?). Planted in 1954 at the same time our house was built, these trees flank the south side providing cooling shade in the heat of summer. When the wind blows, the sound rushing through these trees i...