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By: Angie D.
Location: Overlook

This myrtlewood tree (Umbellularia californica) graces the front yard of a home in our neighborhood. It is also called California bay and the evergreen leaves have an incredibly pungent scent. Some folks cook with it in place of regular bay leaves,...
By: Mike D.
Location: Downtown

The trees at this MAX stop are some of my favorites. They completely bent over in the snow storms last winter (2017) and bounced back to their usual self in a week. They were bent so far over they were touching the building on the other side of the t...
By: Micah E.

170 foot Douglas fir, One of the tallest trees in the zone of the propozed Macadam Ridge Development. A cluster of several others on the canyon/ridge facing Southwest Taylor's Ferry Road, reach heights of about 150-170 ft, which is rather tall for u...
By: Ann T.
Location: Eliot

There is a line of sweetgums that I walk by multiple times a week. Hundreds of crows try to crack the spiky globe fruit that grow on the trees by pick them up and dropping them in front of moving cars on N. Williams. It's definitely one of my very...
By: Susan S.

I've been spending a bit of time under these trees the neighborhood has dubbed, "Moreland Woods." This one has the biggest girth, at 64"dbh, of all the trees on the lot. I didn't know about these trees until a recent neighborhood meeting where it was...
By: Patricia D.
Location: Woodstock

This tree no longer exists ... it was a Tree of Heaven, an invasive species that is taking over the block where I live. When I moved to my house a year ago, there were hundreds of Tree of Heaven sprouts in my backyard. My husband and I have gotten ri...
By: Laura K.

When I was at Forest Park my class went to pull out ivy. For ivy to grow it needs sunlight and one way for ivy to grow and thrive, is when the it climbs up trees and invade's the canopy. This can lead to trees getting hurt or even dying from the ivy....
By: Abi C.

Today Heidi's class and I hiked through Forest park to pull ivy. This is so important because as you pull away invasive plants it makes new room for native plants to thrive. Pulling the ivy also prevents the native plants from being strangled and suf...
By: Eamon N.
Location: Sunnyside

at one point my drone got stuck half way up this tree and it took a while to get it down
By: Eamon N.
Location: Reed

I live near this tree and i always notice that there are a tun of crows live is this tree. this tree is beautiful and at night there are always bats flying around the tree
By: John M.
Location: Grant_park

Back in 1941 my grandfather planted six birch trees around the family home. These trees provided shade in the hot summers for my grandpa, my mom, me and now my kids here in this home. One has a distinct leaning trunk from the high winds of the Columb...
By: Canopy S.
Location: Multnomah

I planted this tree when we built our house in 1960 thinking it would grow 20 feet, but it got to 84! One previous neighbor cut branches that hung over, but the current neighbors like the shade. It's a brittle tree, so its not good for climbing. -An...
By: Katharine R.
Location: Woodstock

I have a tree named bob that I like to read in when it is summer. I like to think that it is my tree. It doesn't show up on the map but it is the only tree that i have stuff to write about. Sometimes i like to pretend that it is the Womping Willow f...
By: Canopy S.
Location: Laurelhurst

Katsura Tree Podcast by Joshua Justice and Alecia Giombolini. To listen to this podcast and others, visit Laurelhust Park, with its duck pond, aged firs, winding paths, and old lamp posts, is typically...
By: Andrea J.

A small, but distinct pleasure at the morning at the bus stop. Reading about deciduous trees in Lab Girl by Hope Jahren while listening to this majestic oak across the way cast acorns down into the street and onto passing cars with satisfying, miniat...
By: Cris W.

This Scotch pine tree was one of those tiny saplings you get in a pot at Christmastime. It was with my mother when she died. We care for that tree through ten years and four or five moves before it arrived at its final home in our yard. We call it "M...
By: Canopy S.
Location: Buckman

Joseph Lane Bigleaf Maple Podcast by Joshua Justice. The Joseph Lane Bigleaf Maple is number 295 in Portland's Heritage Tree Program. To locate it, enter the Lone Fir Cemetery from SE Morrison street, take the second left, and after a short walk,...
By: Canopy S.
Location: Piedmont

Silver Linden Podcast, hosted by Rebekah Averette and researched by Taylor Rose. A mature silver linden is a dazzling tree with a rare personality. The only one on the Portland Heritage Tree list is on the SW corner of N Haight St and N Rosa Park...
By: Rebecca M.
Location: Montavilla

This giant tree shades my home and many of the other homes around us. We have sweetly named her "Big Bertha". I love walking up to my door every day and craning my neck up to look at the very tippy top of her. Such a beautiful tree.
By: Canopy S.

This tree is where the neighborhood cat lounges and it provides shade and cover from the rain for neighbors at the secret path between Elephants sell and 22nd place.