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By: Tom K.
Location: Irvington

This sequoia was planted around 1956 by Dean Maberry. It was, I believe, part of a forest service program that sent out trees for 10 cents if requested.
By: Tom K.
Location: Bridlemile

My guess is that this dot represents the Sequoia that I planted the year my father died....1999. Our side lot is about 1/3 of an acre and has a (usually) year round stream and a good mix of cedar, fir and oak.
By: Heather A.
Location: Southgate

Sadly, this tree was killed on July 26, 2017. :( I've lived a few doors down since 1985, and the tall Douglas firs on this property have meant a lot to me over the years. I've seen squirrels sunning themselves on high branches, crows congregating at...
By: Kevin C.
Location: North_tabor

This is a great tree, the biggest of the "grove" of about 10 doug firs in a couple of houses. This and the other provide wonderful shade to our backyard, according to canopy analytics it measures 118 feet tall and sits between two properties. When...
By: Darvel L.
Location: Mt_tabor

This Douglas fir is the tallest tree in Mt. Tabor Park (by around 9 feet)! It is protected from the strongest winds, standing near the upper portion of a draw that drops down to the west. In fact, it is the tallest tree in the city between Forest P...
By: Jim S.
Location: Richmond

We've since moved, but this large tree sits just behind our old yard and is part of the property of the LDS church on SE Harrison.
By: Andrew C.
Location: Damascus_sw_a

Doug Fir, 2nd growth but tall.
By: Micah E.
Location: Woodstock

A delightful grove of nine Douglas-fir trees standing at the corner of S.E. 57th and Carlton street, reaching up to a majestic 113 feet tall according to Canopy Analytics. Living in the neighbourhood for 30 years, I remember often walking north 2 blo...
By: Jasmine T.
Location: Overlook

The tree is mighty The tree is so tall and strong The tree is a home
By: Davis H.
Location: Sunnyside

Everyone was wearing blazers gear so I assumed there was a big game. Until I overheard that it was game 6 of the NBA finals and the Trail Blazers had a chance to win it all against the Philadelphia 76ers! I was furious at myself that I hadn't heard a...
By: Gillian G.
Location: Sunnyside

Come visit me on the First of May. I am the Sunnyside Wish Tree!
By: Darvel L.
Location: Mt_tabor

In this private yard stands one of the largest European beeches in the city, with a diameter at breast height of 4.5 ft. and a spread of about 70 ft. The present owner is selling his property but doesn't care what happens to the tree. A notorious d...
By: Darvel L.
Location: Mt_tabor

This is the tallest tree in Mt. Tabor Park (and the tallest tree in the city between Forest Park (Balch Cr.) and Powell Butte. It's healthy, growing rapidly, and the crown is intact--sheltered from the strongest winds, being located in the upper par...
By: Austin R.

This tree is in the side yard of the house I live in. It’s a big pine, and it’s the defining feature on the property. You can spot it from several blocks away. Although it makes gardening a bit challenging because of the shade it casts and needles it...
By: Steven M.
Location: Robinwood

I am conducting a mapping survey of all the trees in the forest and I just came across this tool. I'm wondering who made it and how? This tree (I think...its a bit hard to tell on this program) is the tallest in this area. It is a cottonwood (Poplus...
By: John W.

This is Doug. He is a Douglas Fir that writes letters to our first and second grade students attending MLC to teach them about the forest. Doug loves long soaking rains, long hugs, and ivy pulls.
By: Aimee A.
Location: St_johns_west

This cemetery is known as the Frederick H. Ramsey cemetery. It is rumored the Cedar tree was planted when Fred was buried here on January 2nd, 1895. This makes the tree 123 years old this year.
By: Alec T.
Location: Mt_tabor

Tree 177.. is an Araucaria araucana, otherwise known as a Monkey Puzzle Tree. When I first moved to the neighborhood I strolled past this tree and was totally blown away. I'd never seen a tree like it! Turns out these are native to central and southe...
By: John K.
Location: Mt_tabor

this tree is a's a giant's gotta be 100+ years old...12-15 feet lives in a parking lot and I fear for it's survival...
By: Na'ama S.
Location: Hillsdale

When my family first moved to Portland, we were struck by the trees, by the green-ness all around us. When we walked into the living room of this house, this mighty tree confronted us. The large living room windows face out toward this tree so that a...