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By: Kat B.

Moved here 4 years ago. Quickly realized that my big Douglas Fir shields me from the rain, acting like a big umbrella. The home inspector mentioned that I might want to cut down the tree before the new tax law for cutting down trees went in effect....
By: Lisa L.
Location: Mt_tabor

Very sadly, this tree was cut down by the homeowner this past summer. It was one of two giant sequoias on our street. It was absolutely beautiful.
By: Debbie C.

The story goes that my parents and my aunt and uncle smuggled the small tree in the trunk of a car from the California Redwood Forest to Portland sometime in the 1950's. My mother really wanted a redwood in the backyard and they helped her get one....
By: Jessica T.

We bought our home because we loved this tree. So many memories under this tree with our family in the backyard. :)
By: Marianne L.

This may not be the exact tree but my grandparents owned this home on se 134th with a row of fir trees separating the road from their kids played in those trees so much. We had created a little make believe house on the inside of that row...
By: Timothy K.
Location: Alameda

This tree was a young redwood tree originally my parents planted in the front of our house in the parking strip. It survived there, but did not thrive. Later my parents transplanted the tree to the backyard. There the tree thrived, and grew and grew...
By: Brook M.
Location: Kenton

Growing up we spent hours outdoors. Summer evenings, before the street lights came on, we played every night. All the neighbor kids gathered at this tree to play hide and seek. My favorite trick was to stand 10 feet away from the tree, opposite w...
By: Holly Marie Q.
Location: Sabin

Earl Harold Winne 4316 NE 21st Ave. The Tree out in front of my home ,was planted September 21,1965. It is a non-flowering Tulip Tree. My father planted it on my birthday and the day that I went into the US NAVY. When I got home from the service, it...
By: Jo M.

This Western Red Cedar is the source of a lot of the shade and beauty in my back yard. It was here when I moved in and I have yard seating arranged underneath it as well as hummingbird feeders. I scattered some of my wife's and my old cat's ashes nea...
By: Jo M.

The Douglas Fir was there when I bought the house. It is the home to many squirrels and birds.
By: Timothy P.

I wonder if this is the alder tree that Bob Piland and I tied up Bob's (different Bob) hammock. I fell out of the hammock and he landed on top of me. That's how I broke my arm. We lived at 4100 SW Pomona.
By: Renee E.
Location: Sunnyside

Hello lovely Portlanders! I am the happy and proud guardian of the most unique and gorgeous Gingko that I have ever witnessed. This wonderful tree is the reason we purchased our home here. I absolutely love to watch the leaves in the wind and wond...
By: Trudy K.
Location: Hayhurst

This is a lotus tree my Mom and dad planted nearly 55 years ago. The leaves are small and it provides filtered shade in the summer months. I love this tree!!!!!
By: Timothy P.
Location: Richmond

It shows two trees here. I believe there is only one. It's a black walnut tree. Quite beautiful most of the year, but the nuts, which are worthless, fall and damage roofs. It isn't well attended to. The dying branches have only been trimmed once in t...
By: Vivek !.

These series of three trees are some type of pine (wish I knew). They provide us with morning shade during the hot summer months. I also understand that this 10 thousand square foot lot is one of the few remaining during Portland's rapid development...
By: Anna C.
Location: Laurelhurst

Almost a decade ago I was trying to get back into jogging, and I made myself jog exactly 1 mile....sure enough as I hit the 1-mile mark, I looked up and this beautiful Katsura Heritage tree stood before me. Now I always make sure to run by the Katsur...
By: Tamir E.

The bark on this tree never seemed like one continuous piece, but rather many puzzle pieces haphazardly put together. This made it the perfect tree for a game I used to play with my family every time we walked by, called "the bark game" (We're not to...
By: Peter D.

Back in the early 1900's (this is where all us kids would roll our eyes and prepare ourselves for another long explanation of something we would soon forget), although my story starts with the 1950's because that is when I grew up in my Portland neig...
By: Olivia R.

FLIGHT The redwood tree limbs dripped down like green waterfalls, slightly moving with the gentle breeze that whispered into my backyard. Small, naked bulbs from a long light string bobbed and swayed above my head in the breeze. Dusk was upon me as...
By: Catherine M.
Location: Eastmoreland

In 1989 our neighbor Agatha Pearson brought us a hand-written note regarding this tree: "Aug.1989 The Fir Tree Brought from Port Orford in 1972 The Douglas Fir was 1-1 1/2 feet high. Mrs. Smith's son who is with the Forest Service brought it up....