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By: Bill B.
Location: Hayhurst

Port Orferd Cedar: I have known this tree and watched it grow for 40 years and have discovered that it is a natural cover for birds, especially those that overwinter in and around my yard. It is an important ecological feature as well as impressive...
By: John B.
Location: Bridlemile

I'm pretty sure this green dot is on the weeping birch tree on the south edge of our property. It forms a beautiful south border to the central part of our yard and provides nicely filtered sunlight into the coolest part of our yard on hot days. it...
By: Linda R.
Location: Downtown

If this is the tree I think it is, it's located in front of the library at PSU. I was a student and/or an employee at Portland State for many years -- and always loved this tree -- even before the built the Millar Library.
By: Linda R.
Location: Hazelwood

This is one of my favorite trees -- actually, it's a clump of trees that have grown together, a clump of big leaf maple trees. It's a wonderful place to rest when walking/running the fitness trail that goes around the edge of the golf course at Glend...
By: Linda R.
Location: Madison_south

This appears to be the tallest of the many mature trees in the wooded area of Gateway Green, a new park under development on land located between the I-205 and I-84 interstate highways. The property has MANY trees that are at least 100 ft tall.
By: Linda R.
Location: Hazelwood

This is a beautiful tree that needs to be protected. It's near the edge of a vacant lot that is now owned by the Portland Housing Bureau. The Hazelwood Neighborhood Association tried to get it designated as a heritage tree two or three years ago, but...
By: Linda R.
Location: Parkrose

I planted this cedar tree (or tree #281) while we were living at 10309 NE Shaver St. It was planted sometime between 1975 and 1985. It was a volunteer that came up in the yard, and I moved it to the back corner of the property.
By: Elliott W.

Bethel Baptist Church is home to two huge cedars which preside over and protect a small grassy park. Pictured is a group of artists gathered on August 12th, 2018, and a painting of the cedars made that day.
By: Elliott W.

Merlin Radke was more than just an auto parts dealer in St. Johns— he was a great lover of trees. He loved trees so much that over decades of developing property adjacent to his auto parts store at Columbia and Fessenden, he constructed an entire com...
By: Elliott W.

This local landmark property once was home to the first doctor to arrive in the area from the Oregon Trail, and now there stands here a small historic Victorian house from 1870, surrounded by majestic maples, hundreds of years old, which protect the...
By: Lisa B.

This is a large cedar on my property. I have been variously told by arborists that it is a Deodar and that it is a Cedar of Lebanon. I believe it is probably taller than 69 feet -- the respective heights of trees on your mapping of our neighborhood...
By: Lopaka A.

I have lived in the same corner, apartment, for nearly 18 years~ ~and a few years ago~the previous owners, put in a 5'X7' window, facing the West, Forest Park and the Willamette River~A Window, I call~~ 'My Window To The World'~~The picture, below, w...
By: Douglas S.

This was the massive tree in front of my Grandma's house growing up. Made a ramp out of the sidewalk, and lots of droppings to throw. Difficult to climb, but managed to a couple times. Glad to see it is still there with all the new construction ha...
By: hans P.

My sister planted this tree when her school gave her kindergarten class a tree sapling to take home. Mom and dad used to hate it because it blocked the valley views, but now it has become a nice buffer between their home and residential and commercia...
By: Richard C.

This tree possibly is a blue or white spruce planted by my parents in the back yard of the home where I grew up at 4913 NE Pacific St. They found the tree as a sapling growing somewhere on the N. Oregon coast in about 1939-1940, dug it up, and plante...
By: Richard C.

This tree possibly is a blue or white spruce planted by my parents in the back yard of the home where I grew up at 4913 NE Pacific St. They found the tree as a sapling growing somewhere on the N. Oregon coast in about 1939-1940, dug it up, and plant...
By: Alicia T.
Location: South_tabor

At soccer camp in the summer of '95 or '96, myself and about 30 other kids ranging from 5-10 years old, were scattered around this tree eating lunch when a old Toyota truck came flying over the top of the Clinton Park hill being chased by police cars...
By: Rod E.
Location: Mt_tabor

I have been sharing my thanks for this tree and her neighbors as I pull ivy from under their canopy this fall and winter.
By: Dawn C.

This is our lovely hemlock tree. When we bought our home in 1997 it was in its prime with branches that covered most of our backyard. Over the years it has been a home and feeding station to animals of all sorts, has hosted our climbing hydrangea and...
By: Carly N.

I was 7 years old in 1987. It was the dead if winter when my neighbors across the street had moved out of their house. A short time after that I was playing out side when I herd a little kitten meowing. I thought it was one of ours stuck up in the n...