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By: Linda M.
Location: Richmond

A beautiful tree that has sheltered our home and front garden of woodland native plants for many years. It was originally planted to celebrate the holiday of TuB'shevet many years ago.
By: Linda M.

This was a beautiful Western Red Cedar that sadly succumbed to drought and had to be removed.
By: Anna S.
Location: Woodlawn

Is this you? You bulbous goofball of glory. Thanks for all of the shared smiles.
By: Anna S.
Location: Downtown

If I told you how many times I’ve stepped over shit under this tree would you believe me? My least favorite Portland vicinity to witness wet season’s first rains...
By: Anna S.
Location: Concordia

My friend shared a story of grief and pain. We embraced under the tree as he recalibrated...feet onto the ground//ground pushing back into trodden soles. Surface of hand to cooling earth, I observed how earth holds space at an incredible capacity....
By: Anna S.
Location: Cully

I often gaze at this beauty as the sun tucks itself over some other horizon for the evening. Holding me anchored, tethered to an earthbound body whilst crows chatter their recounted days before a roost. It feels an extension of our backyard as it clo...
By: Shirley H.
Location: South_tabor

House was built in 1927.
By: Lisa G.
Location: North_tabor

This is a Sweetgum in my backyard, over 100 years old.
By: Daniel P.
Location: Vernon

This tree once looked over a friend and I making out on the ground by it’s trunk.
By: Aimee A.
Location: St_johns_west

This is listed erroneously. This is not the Gatton Cemetery, this is the Ramsey Cemetery. The Western Red Cedar tree this year is (2019) is 124 years old. It was planted when pioneer Frederick H. Ramsey was buried here in 1895. If you're interested i...
By: Amber G.
Location: Sabin

There are three trees together. The center one is the tallest and largest around. We've been told by arborists that they are Sugar Pines. They are magnificent. The bark is a greyish brown, the needles are a blueish green. long pine cones form. green...
By: Amy B.
Location: Crestwood

This tall pine tree along with other surrounding trees helps us feel like we own a tree house. Our driveway is steep and then we have a full set of stairs to get up to the front door, if we take the stairs up to the second floor we are still only at...
By: Keith B.
Location: Overlook

This is when Glen realizes the tree is bigger than him😲
By: Darvel L.
Location: Mt_tabor

Here stands the tallest tree in Portland between Forest Park and Powell Butte Nature Park! It's around 3-4 ft. in diameter (DBH) and is putting on vigorous growth. Heavily-travelled trails surround the tree, but 99% of the walkers don't even notice...
By: Darvel L.

This is the largest Douglas fir in Portland--about 6.4 ft. in diameter (over 20 ft. circumference) at breast height and now well over 250 ft. to the intact top. It is one of many old-growth Douglas firs in this canyon that were spared from the turn...
By: Emily J.
Location: North_tabor

This ponderosa pine was planted in the early 1960's by Carroll Dubuar. He received it as a sapling. His daughters can remember jumping over the tree when it was still small.
By: Jill C.

This Coast Redwood in our backyard, according to older neighborhood residents, was a house-warming gift to the first occupants of our 1927 home. When we had our first inspection by an arborist shortly after we bought it in 1991, he was already famil...
By: Joann C.
Location: Hillsdale

This tree is in the front yard of the house I grew up in from 1961 to 1973. It was outside my bedroom window. A birch tree that was so beautiful and led to my love of the birch. So happy to see it is still around.
By: Nicky H.

This is a HUGE tulip tree, so solid and reassuring, making its elegant gentle way surrounded by buildings on two sides and a street that is always full and busy. To me, it is the picture of grace and outlasting human frailty -- we like to think we a...
By: Belen C.
Location: Parkrose

We moved in August ,8 ,2018 our house was built in 1940 the second wave of Parkrose home platts . We are in love with our family tree. Please tell us what kind of tree we have! 🌳🍃